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Quality Buildings Never Fade…

We built this dry storage building for a Tim Horton’s owner in Ontario, and after three years of Ontario weather (and winters), it’s still looks brand new! Goes to show you that quality buildings never go out of style! Using Kodiak’s high-gauge prefabricated steel frame components, this happy customer customized the storage building to size, […]

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The Top 4 Benefits When Choosing a Pre-Engineered Steel Building in Ontario

Pre-engineered steel buildings are answering the construction call for many development projects around North America today. Specifically in Ontario, these types of buildings, which consist of primary frames, secondary frames, and cover sheeting, are all interconnected to provide customization, durability, and energy efficiency. Critical for the drastic temperature changes up here in Canada, the effectiveness, […]

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Purposes for a Steel Building Warehouse in Coboconk Ontario

Today, all types of industries depend on a high-quality steel building warehouse. This type of material has become the preferred choice for warehouses for a variety of reasons. Because every steel building is unique, it is imperative to choose a reputable manufacturer and dealer. As a result, you will end up with a high-quality product. […]

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