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Quick & Easy Foundation System

Save time, money, and materials with ECONO-SLAB™ – a simple, patented floating foundation system that is faster to install, yet much stronger than conventional foundations.

Less Digging

Save Time & Money

2 Week Delivery

Drawings included


ECONO-SLAB™ works well for any building project up to 100' wide, including uneven build sites and remote locations.

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Easy install saves you time, labor,
and construction costs


No need for footings or frost walls
(in Northern Climates)


Structurally superior vs.
conventional foundations

SAVE up to 35% or MORE on foundation costs


Save Time, Money, and Materials

ECONO-SLAB™ provides a structurally advanced, cost-effective alternative to conventional foundation construction.

When comparing to a frost wall, slab on grade, or thickened edge foundation, ECONO-SLAB™ foundations are dimensionally perfect, offering 5x stronger rebar.

The economical foundation solution for:

ECONO-SLAB - Floating Foundation System - Kodiak Steel Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Garages/Shops
  • Storage Facilities
  • Townhomes
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Projects
  • Retail Buildings
  • Recreation

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Follow the installation guide and engineered drawings that come with your ECONO-SLAB™ system to obtain professional results.

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Quick Turnaround Time

Your ECONO-SLAB™ foundation system ships complete and ready to install with galvalume forms, threaded re-bar, insulation, fasteners, bolts, an installation manual, and stamped engineered drawings.

Manufactured to the highest quality control standards and designed to meet local, municipal and national building codes, ECONO-SLAB™ is easy to install resulting in fast, efficient construction and earlier project completion.

Click here to check out the ECONO-SLAB™ installation guide. 

Save on Labor Costs

Requiring less labor and materials, ECONO-SLAB™ can result in savings of up to 35% or more!

With less excavation, no need for footings, and a fast set-up time, you can save BIG on labor costs. ECONO-SLAB™  is designed for quick and easy assembly, so you can pour and finish your foundation faster.

Anchor bolts & anchor bolt location templates are included to ensure you get exact placement. No guesswork, improper placement, extra costs or building erecting delays.

ECONO-SLAB™ is also an environmentally friendly building product with virtually no site waste and no form stripping required once poured.

Less Excavation & Digging

Site preparation for the installation of the ECONO-SLAB™ Foundation System is minimal when compared to the excavation required for conventional foundations.

By eliminating the need for footings and frost walls (in Northern climates), ECONO-SLAB™ saves you weeks of costly excavating and pour cycles. 

Reducing the heavier digging and excavation required, reduces your overall construction and labor costs while providing a more eco-friendly building system.

Easy site prep also results in a faster pour and finish time, meaning ECONO-SLAB™ can help you get your new building up faster.

Stamped, Concrete Drawings included!


Complete Foundation System

Your ECONO-SLAB™ foundation system includes everything you need for a quick and cost-effective set-up.

ECONO-SLAB™ Includes:

  • Stamped, engineered concrete drawings
  • Anchor Bolts & Location Templates
  • Dimensionally stable 16GA steel perimeter form channels
  • 16GA splice plates with connecting hardware
  • High strength 5/8" thread bar (rebar) for the slab grid & beams
  • Thread bar couplers
  • All required nuts/hardware
  • 6" Wire ties
  • Re-bar chairs


Anchor Bolts & Location Templates included!

ECONO-SLAB™ ships complete to you in weeks


frequently asked questions

ECONO-SLAB™ eliminates the trenching and excavation required for frost walls and footings, which allows you to be ready to install your form days or weeks ahead of old-fashioned (traditional) foundation systems.

Its patented design and top of line pre-engineering technology allows for much faster site preparation. You just need to remove the organic matter down to the hard pan and then compact a minimum of 8″ of free drawing gravel to level the surface and install your system.

In addition to saving you time and money, building with ECONO-SLAB™ offers a number of benefits:

  1. No frost walls or footings – Eliminating these, as well as the amount of excavating and concrete needed, results in substantial savings.
  2. Time at rest while you are waiting on the curing of the concrete is also eliminated for this phase of the work.
  3. Simpler site preparation even when compared to a thickened edge slab,  which makes ECONO-SLAB™ perfect for DIY customers (smaller projects) to large commercial/industrial projects.
  4. Stronger engineered designs are much stronger than old fashioned, conventional designs. ECONO-SLAB™ distributes loads in more directions allowing for better stability throughout the slab. By using our specified concrete mix, you can eliminate the need for control joints. Those cuts in conventional slabs simply serve to weaken the foundation before you’ve even used it. A cleanable surface is a must for many businesses today and cuts in the concrete don’t lend themselves to a sanitary environment.
  5. The ECONO-SLAB™ comes with anchor bolt templates where required. This allows for perfect placement of the anchors, eliminating any issues with building erecting. The ability to erect your structure without delays is crucial in a four-season climate.
  6. Whether your project is a simple unheated storage building, a conventionally heated shop, or a large building with an in-floor radiant heating system the ECONO-SLAB™ will save you time and money.

Perfect for a variety of building types (steel, wood, brick, other), ECONO-SLAB™ system is manufactured for your specific project to meet all the foundation requirements for your building.

ECONO-SLAB™ is a cost-effective foundation solution for a variety of buildings – from residential garages, shops, and storage, to large commercial projects, townhome/home development, and more.

Saving you time, money, and materials, this system is perfect for use with any new building that does not have a basement.

We encourage you to discuss your building project with us so that we can assist in ensuring that ECONO-SLAB™ will suit your specific needs.

All projects include a complete set of site specific engineered stamped drawings.

Shipping across Canada and the USA, ECONO-SLAB™ offers easy set up and structurally solid performance in any climate or local weather conditions.

Using your engineered building drawings, your ECONO-SLAB™ foundation system is custom manufactured for your specific project/building requirements (snow load, wind load, other) to meet your local, municipal, and national building codes.

There is currently no weight limit. Based on your engineered building drawings, the ECONO-SLAB™ system will be designed for your specific project to accommodate for the correct slab/concrete depth and system size.

This includes considering the weight of the building and exact anchor bolt placement for a durable, structurally sound foundation.

ECONO-SLAB™ not only improves foundation strength but simplifies the process, saving you time and money.

You can use ECONO-SLAB™ with any type of building – steel, wood, or other.

If you have purchased a building from us, another company, or will be building yourself, we will use your engineered building drawings as a guide to ensure your ECONO-SLAB™ system suits your specific building foundation requirements.

5x Stronger Rebar vs. Conventional Foundations


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