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Super, Sustainable Steel

When it comes to structural steel, what can’t it do?

It’s one of the strongest building materials on the planet, offers year-round protection, energy efficiency, and is pretty nice to look at (for years to come! Steel buildings don’t “age” as fast as other building materials).

While steel offers many benefits, in honour of Earth month, we want to highlight how amazingly sustainable steel truly is. From the steel-making process, all the way to your finished steel building.



Structural steel is the premier green construction material.

All structural hot-rolled sections, including typical wide-flange beams and columns, are made in electric arc furnaces. This technology uses electricity to melt cars, refrigerators, decommissioned bridges, and other scrap into new steel without any loss of quality.

The average new member contains 93% recycled steel, and EAF steelmaking emits 75% less CO2 than traditional steelmaking.

Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. 

Today’s modern steel mills produce steel containing an average of 90% recycled material. At the end of a building’s life cycle, 100% of the steel frame can be recycled (the current recovery rate for structural steel is 98%).

With low environmental impacts on a per-square-foot-of-construction basis, steel is the premier choice for environmentally conscious, sustainable projects.



Your first car became a skyscraper…

As structural steel is 93% recycled and 100% recyclable, it’s a material that can be circular for generations. Instead of going to the landfill or an incinerator, decommissioned bridges and buildings go right back into the supply chain to become steel again and again.

Meaning, your old fridge, washer, dryer, car – may have had a second (new) life as a bridge, building, or even a spaceship.


prefab steel barn

Other ways building with steel makes the planet happy

To boot you can also count on a low-maintenance, weathertight, energy-efficient building solution that keeps your lifetime energy and maintenance costs down – which also makes the Earth happy.

In colder climate building areas, you can insulate your steel building roof and wall panels, and add energy rated doors and windows to keep your energy costs down to a minimum.

With less energy use, damage issues, and chance of fire, pests, you catch the drift  – you can also save the environment from unneeded chemical sprays, toxic smoke, rebuilds, and other high-impact resources.

So when you think of building green, think of structural steel.  With all of its benefits and sustainability, it will make both you and the planet happy. 

Ready to go green? Talk to us about your building project today, or get started now with a fast quote.
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#BuildWithKodiak Kids Contest

Build with Kodiak Kids Contest – Challenge #1

With (almost) everyone working from home and kids out of school bouncing off the walls, we wanted to have a little building to keep the positivity flowing.

So we decided to hold a 3-part #BuildWithKodiak contest for kids (12 and under), to see what buildings they could come up with.

Building Challenge #1 asked them to submit their most creative building drawings.

The imagination and creative thinking that went into these drawings was absolutely amazing! We definitely have quite a few talented artists and architects in the making.


Here is a look at our Jr. Builders Drawing Hall of Fame:

#BuildWithKodiak Kids Contest - Building Drawings


And the winner is…

Once we had all our submissions in, we held a draw live on Facebook to pick the winner.

The prize pack went to our youngest builder…RJ (age 2), who won a $50 gift card to the Lego store with his race track inspired drawing.


For Building Challenge #2, we are looking for creative 3D building structures that can be made out of ANY material that will stay standing.

Stay tuned! We will be announcing the second winner live Sunday, April 5 @ 7pm (EST) on our Facebook page @KodiakSteelBuildingSolutions.

Want to enter? Submit a photo or video of your 3D structure to us on social (FB or Instagram) with your name, age, and the hashtag #BuildWithKodiak before Sunday, April 5 at 5pm (EST).

The winner gets a $50 prize pack, and this time we are also giving away a $25 prize for the “building assistant” (parent/adult) on the winning team.

AND…if you don’t make the deadline for the 3D structure contest, you can enter Building Challenge #3 in our #BuildWithKodiak contest from Sunday April 5 – Sunday April 12, which is for all the marbles.

Follow us on Facebook for details on how you can win a $125 prize pack!!





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Outstanding Builder Award

Outstanding Builder Award 2019


Robertsons Outstanding Builder Award winnersAs a proud Robertson Building Systems partner, we look forward to attending the Builders Gala every year.

Travis and his son Connor travelled to the festivities and were on hand to represent Kodiak…and what a night it was!

They were thrilled to receive both the Outstanding Builder and coveted Inukshuk award.



Both awards are given to the company who demonstrates outstanding product quality, expertise, and customer service.

Connor was more than happy to accept on behalf of Kodiak. 🙂



We couldn’t be more thankful, as these awards represent our dedication to quality and customer service, and all of the fantastic Kodiak owners we have the opportunity to build with every year.

Inspired by the night’s big win, Connor spent the next day assembling his own custom garage out of Lego (which on a smaller scale is similar to building with our prefab components…)

Garage & Storage: Building with Lego - Kodiak Steel Buildings



Ready to build? We would be happy to bring our experience, expertise and quality engineering to your next project. Start with a Free Quote

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Save Energy: Insulate your Steel Building with RTS

Kodiak Thermal Insulation System

Add Instant R-Value to your New Building

A cost-effective thermal insulation solution, you can add R-value to your building instantly with RTS.

Offering superior efficiency, RTS provides high-performance building insulation with a clean, finished interior appearance that will match any design.

Customize up to 18′ of uncompressed insulation to create a thermal barrier that keeps cold and wind out for improved heat retention and ultra-durability.

Available with every Kodiak building, RTS is easy to install and can also be used to retrofit an existing building (walls and/or roof).

Kodiak thermal insulation system liner panelsHow it Works

Featuring an exterior panel with a liner panel separated by thermal spacers, our thermal insulation system decreases heat loss through the envelope.

Various thicknesses of building insulation can be accommodated between the two panels with minimum through-metal contact.

Using smaller heating and cooling units that consume less energy, RTS can help reduce your initial building and overall operating costs.

GREEN BUILDING TIP: Fully customizable to help you achieve your desired R-value, ask us how you can use RTS to qualify for LEED certification and other green building efforts.


Cost-Saving Features:
  • Simple construction details enable fast installation
  • Sustainable design saves energy and reduces costs
  • Insulation can help reduce noise transmission
  • Interior liner attached to the top of purlins acts as a working platform for ease of installation
  • Steel liner panel acts as a diaphragm to reduce the need for structural bracing, reducing costs
  • No shut-down required during a re-roof, so your business can continue uninterrupted


Take a look inside…
We're in Nunavut to inspect a new 36x60 Kodiak Storage Building that just went up...

When CAP Enterprises Ltd. wanted a new equipment storage building to protect and stand up against Arctic Canada’s freezing temperatures and heavy winds, they called Kodiak.

They were looking for an affordable storage solution that would protect heavy equipment through the harshest weather, without driving up their heating and operating costs.

With their new 36′ x 60′ x 16′ insulated storage building up and running, we went all the way North to Gjoa Haven, Nunavut to inspect the installation.

Outfitted with R20 insulation, the temperatures reached way below freezing and winds were over 60km/hour but the building stood still and maintained a warm and dry interior.

Affordable Insulation for Every Building

If our thermal insulation system can stand up to Arctic weather, imagine what RTS will do for your new Kodiak building!

Get a free quote, or contact us at (844) 982 – 8453 to discuss retrofitting an existing building.

View full details in our RTS brochure

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Which Steel Frame is Right for You?

Long Bay Steel Frame System

Kodiak Steel Building Systems

Kodiak’s patented steel framing system comes in 3 different styles, with a choice of single or double-slope, that can be customized and manufactured to your exact building specifications.

Each frame is made with precision-crafted, high-gauge steel in Robertson’s accredited manufacturing facilities, guaranteeing that it will fit together perfectly for a quick and easy assembly.

To help you better plan your next project, here is a quick overview of our steel frames and which building types they are best suited for.

Clear Span Frame

clear-span framing system

Our clear-span frame offers unlimited column-free space, making it a great choice for garages, workshops, and other large buildings that require large, open spaces.

Without the restriction of columns, you have unlimited design and space possibilities.

Most often used in warehouse and manufacturing facilities, this type of frame is perfect for accommodating material handling and crane systems.

Best suited for: Aircraft hangars, arenas, tennis centres, soccer centres, riding arenas, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, offices, and retail stores.

Lean-To Frame

Lean-To Framing System

Primarily used as an economical way to provide additional space, lean-to frames can be used to add on to existing structures, or expand your business/office as it grows.

A lean-to frame typically has a single slope profile (no ridge) and straight sidewall columns (it must be supported by attachment to another frame).

This makes it easy to start with one Kodiak building, then expand as your needs grow.

Best suited for: Adding additional space for storage, farm, office, or retail in larger buildings.

Multi-Span Frame

multi-span framing system

Most often used in building layouts that permit interior columns.

You can have consistent or varied spacing and accessorize with a variety of different wall and roof panels to meet your project requirements.

With a multi-span steel frame you can keep a large open floor space by using a minimum number of columns, for the easy movement of forklifts and other motorized equipment.

Best suited for: manufacturing plants, warehouses, truck terminals, and retail stores.

Once you choose a frame, you can design the interior and exterior of your new building with your choice of insulation, wall panels, windows, doors, electrical, and a variety of other custom options.

Questions? Call us at (844) 982 – 8453 to discuss your project specifications or request a free quote.