The American south: home to hearty meals, warm hospitality, smiles, and a fiery passion for college sports, particularly football.

Everyone is always seemingly happy because there’s a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures, and a relatively temperate climate throughout the year.

However, it’s important to take notice of another well-known part of America’s south: severe tropical weather.

Particularly in Charlotte, though it’s been struck by quite a few hurricanes to date, the area is more known for moist air and rainfall that can contribute to building degradation in the form of mold growth.

It’s not the easiest area in the world to build long-lasting buildings, but fortunately, pre-engineered steel buildings are here to answer the call.

Our steel buildings are able to withstand the fluctuating moisture levels in the air while remaining durable for years to come.

Here are some of the most important reasons why pre-engineered steel buildings in Charlotte are a must:

1. Wind Resistance:

When a hurricane does decide to come barreling through Charlotte, North Carolina, businesses are keen on buildings that can endure the shaky weather.

Since steel is one of the strongest naturally occurring elements on earth today, our metal buildings, equipped with two different frames atop a foundation, are able to withstand the blustery gusts.

2. Professional Engineering

Our Charlotte pre-engineered steel buildings have already been assembled through an intensive process that requires professional precision.

Every component of our prefabricated metal buildings is produced in a specially controlled environment that has been tested out to meet every client’s needs.

Since such precision goes into the development of our steel buildings, we are able to construct a sturdy structure in a fraction of the typical construction time.

3. Moisture Resistance:

Probably the most defining feature of Charlotte weather is constant moisture, a product of the nearby Atlantic Ocean and wind currents.

Moist air contributes to rotting, rusting, and mold growth, which can easily take down the tallest of structures.

Steel is naturally resistant to water, preventing rusting and the formation of mold over time.

As a result, building owners don’t need to worry about expensive repairs and constant upkeep on the integrity of the structure.

4. Durability:

Due to steel’s natural durability, pre-engineered steel buildings are guaranteed to last much longer than a wood or concrete counterpart.

As a result of the durability, they are a cost-effective option that will pay off down the road when building owners don’t need to invest in repairs and reconstruction.

Plus, they are relatively inexpensive as the manpower required for their development is far less than that needed for other types of building projects.

Invest In Pre-Engineered Steel Building Solutions in Charlotte

There’s a lot to worry about when choosing to build-out a new building: costs, labor, construction time, insurance rates, and structural integrity moving forward.

Instead of going with a building material that can succumb to Charlotte’s unpredictable tropical weather, go with the safe, pre-engineered steel building option using our expert developers today.