Kodiak Steel Building warehouse in Ontario

When our Ontario office moved last summer, we needed a new building that could double as both warehouse and office space.

And we didn’t want to spend months under construction.

So we designed our layout, customized the options and accessories, and sent our project to manufacturing.

Here’s how we got our new Kodiak warehouse up and running in 3 steps:


1. Foundation

With time between manufacturing and delivery, we poured and set the foundation to get ready for our building components.


2. Frame

Once the foundation was finished (and anchor bolts set), our building components arrived and we were able to assemble/attach the steel frame immediately.


3. Finish 

A few finishing touches and voila! Our new building was up and running, complete with electrical, windows, garage opening, and a walk door.

Within weeks, we went from a build site to a brand new insulated warehouse/office space that will protect from Ontario’s all-season weather.

Finished kodiak warehouse building


Complete your Building Project in No Time

No wait time, no costly delays. All Kodiak buildings arrive ready-to-assemble for a quick and efficient installation.

Depending on the size of your project, you can grab a few friends and assemble it, or ask us about our affordable installation services.

Speak with us about your project specifications at  (844) 982 – 8453, or browse more of our latest projects.