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Accessorize your New Building

At Kodiak, you can customize every square inch of your new steel building. From windows, doors, electrical, and solar options, you can design your layout to suit any purpose.

Wall Accessories

Energy-Efficient Windows

Thermally efficient windows are an attractive way to bring in natural light to reduce your lighting bills while adding aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your building.

Self-flashing and self-framing aluminum windows are available with Thermal-Break or Non-Thermal Break frames.

Thermal Break frame windows can be shipped pre-assembled in galvanized sub-frame assemblies.

Styles include Casement, Awning, Project-In, Horizontal Sliding, Single Hung, and Fixed Picture in a variety of sizes.

Kodiak Steel Buildings Window Panels

Panel Specifications

Window Height: Available in increments matching standard wall panel widths of 24″, 30″ and 36″. Custom widths and corresponding heights are available between 12″ and 36″.

Window Width: Virtually unlimited widths are obtainable using spliced head and sill members in combination with intermediate vertical muntins. Window unit jambs can be located to match with vertical wall panel joints or located away.

Glazing Material Thickness: Standard 1″

Window Projection: The frame is 4″ deep and designed to fit flush with exterior panels


Anodized: Clear, Dark Bronze, Black

2-Coat Painted: Custom color consisting of fluoropolymer coatings

3-Coat Painted: Custom color consisting of fluoropolymer coatings and clear coat

Mill Finish: Bare aluminum

Commercial Doors

Building Door Options

Add-on doors for quick-and-easy installation, minimal maintenance, superior strength, and exceptional durability.

Windproof, fireproof, and built to withstand the rigours of daily use, our roll-up doors compliment any building design.

Choose from pre-assembled steel walk doors, storefront doors, steel curtain roll-up doors, and self-storage doors – all available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

Custom products for special sizes, gauges and hardware configurations can also be supplied to meet your specific project needs.

Kodiak Steel Buildings Roll Up Doors Option 1
Kodiak Steel Buildings Roll-Up Doors Option 2


Wall-mounted louvers provide ventilation to your facility while preventing dirt and debris from entering.

18 gauge frame units are 48” x 48” in a bronze finish with 20 gauge adjustable blades and come complete with bird screen.

Solar & Electrical Options

Save more on your heating and electricity costs with our easy solar and electrical building add-ons.


Add translucent light transmitting panels (daylighting) to reduce your energy costs.

Our fibreglass reinforced plastic panels allow natural light transmission into the building.

Electrical Options

Outfit your new Kodiak building with electricity for lights, outlets, and any other power sources you will need.

Please note: While we can incorporate electrical into your building design, a professional electrician will be required to install, connect, and test all power sources.

Roof Accessories


20” circular gravity type ventilator unit, with damper


Available in a variety of standard sizes or can be fabricated to custom size and tapered to match the roof pitch.

Shipped complete with all mounting accessories and instructions. Pipe Flash is a flexible unit that fits up to 16-1/4” diameter pipes.

Roof Jacks

Metal roof jacks are mounted on roof panel and can accommodate stack sizes up to 12”.


26 gauge, 10’ long x 9” throat gravity type roof ventilator unit in Polar White, with or without dampers and designed for continuous runs.

Trims & Flashings

Window Trim

Flashing that finishes off the joint between window frames and wall paneling.

Framed Opening

Flashing that finishes off doors and other framed openings.

Base Trim

Closes off the lower edge of wall paneling.

Corner Trim

Corner trim covers the joint between wall panels at the corner of a building.

Eave Trim

Covers the joint between the sidewall and roof panels where they meet at the building eaves.

Gable Trim

A flashing designed to close the joint between the roof panels and endwall panels of a gable roof.

Down Spouts & Gutters

Collects and transports precipitation safely away from the building.

We also offer building installation services

Get your new Kodiak building up quickly and efficiently with our team of fast and reliable building installers.