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Flexible, Column-free Warehouse Space

We offer innovative, flexible solutions that are low-maintenance and provide the right space for your warehouse or distribution centre operations.


Warehouses and distribution centres often have complex operations that take place within them.

Kodiak will work with you to provide a custom solution that will facilitate these activities and any specialized inventories these buildings house.

Our warehouse building solutions offer design flexibility and limitless scalability, which allows for any changes and the ability to accommodate any unexpected growth.

Quick Build


Energy Efficient


No upkeep

100% Recyclable

Clear-Span Frames

Clear Span frames range from 20’ to over 200’ and are most often used in buildings where unobstructed interior space is required.

clear-span framing system

Lean-To Frames

Lean-To frames typically have a single slope profile (no ridge) and straight sidewall columns. They must be supported by attachment to another frame.

Primarily used for expansion or extension of an existing, larger building, lean-to frames provide additional space economically.

Lean-To Framing System

Multi-Span Frames

Cost-effective Multi-Span frames range from 50’ to over 500’ and are commonly used for building layouts that permit interior columns. The spacing between columns can be consistent or varied to meet customer requirements.

multi-span framing system

Building Colors

Select from over 20 building and trim colors guaranteed never to rust, chip, crack, or peel – keeping your Kodiak building looking new year after year.

Single Skin Wall Panels

Single skin metal wall panels come in a variety of colors and profiles. They can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional construction materials to create aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient buildings.

Single Skin Metal Wall Panel Options

Insulated Wall Panels

IMP wall panels offer the look of a conventional flat wall panel and the advantages of IMPs, including excellent insulating capabilities, longevity, and exceptional span capacity.

Available in multiple colors and finishes, allowing for a myriad of design possibilities.

Insulated Metal Wall Panel Choices

Single Skin Roof Panels

Fabricated from high-strength steel, our roof and wall systems are weather-tight, lightweight, and virtually maintenance free. Metal roof panels offer exceptional longevity and durability that stand the test of time.

single skin metal roof panel options

Insulated Roof Panels

IMP roof panels provide superior weathertight performance and fire ratings. Offered in a wide range of colors, IMPs can be installed on both low slope roofs and steep slope roofs, allowing for use in almost all projects.

Insulated metal roof panel options

Accessorize your new Kodiak building with windows, doors, electrical, and more.


Low-Maintenance, Maximum Space

Built to your Specification

Benefit from our vast experience in designing and manufacturing storage warehouses, distribution centres, and self-storage systems that accommodate your exact needs.

Benefit from:

  • Precision-fit building components are pre-planned, punched, drilled, and welded, resulting in faster completion time and eliminating costly on-site corrections
  • Required loads of stored materials, handling equipment, and mezzanine space
  • Handling equipment needs for cranes, conveyors, and forklifts
  • Receiving and shipping operations, including dock areas
  • Energy efficiency, including refrigeration, temperature, and humidity controls

Low Operating Costs

High Insulation Values

Fast 2-Day Delivery

25+ Year Warranty

Affordable Pricing


No pushy sales tactics. We offer quality warehouse buildings backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Building Capabilities

Prefab solutions for industrial and commercial warehouses

Fast Shipping

Delivered on time to any location across the US and Canada

Personal Service

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Kodiak Satisfaction Guarantee


Certified Engineering

Adhering to intensive, ongoing quality and inspection programs, all of our  warehouse building components are designed and manufactured under quality standard CAN/CSA-A660 in IAS AC472 accredited facilities.

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