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With the sun still shining, and no scorching hot temperatures to slow you down, it’s the perfect time to start on your new steel building project.

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Advantages of Building with Steel

If you’re looking for an affordable building solution with lifetime performance, choose to build with steel.

From residential garages to large complex structures, our high-gauge steel building components offer you a durable, versatile building alternative to wood or aluminum.

Steel Building Advantages:

  • Steel is sustainable. A 100% recyclable, green choice with no steel or material waste occurring before, during, or after manufacturing and construction.
  • Hurricane-rated. Our weathertight steel buildings will stand up to anything mother nature throws our way.
  • No harmful chemicals – not treated with arsenic, acid, or pesticides.
  • Steel does not shrink, swell, split or warp, and is non-combustible.
  • Steel can span greater distances than wood to provide larger open spaces without a need for intermediate columns.
  • No need to paint or replace rotting parts. Our steel buildings are virtually maintenance-free, which helps reduce your operating costs.
  • Dirt and pollutants wash off in the rain.
  • Eliminate moisture and bacteria for a fresh interior with multiple ventilation options.
  • Light-transmitting panels reduce the need for artificial lighting and help decrease utility bills.
  • Growing and/or expanding? Building additions and future expansion are easy.
  • Protect your investment – steel buildings can be moved, disassembled, or sold if no longer needed.

In addition to all of the above, you can get your new steel building up faster than with traditional construction methods, and customize it to your liking with over 20 color choices.

Ready to get started on your next project? Contact us now for a Free Quote.

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Outstanding Builder Award 2018

We’re proud to announce we received Robertson’s “Outstanding Builder Award” for 2018!

We make customer service our priority, so a big thank you to Robertson’s and all of our awesome steel building customers, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s to another great year and many, many more happy Kodiak steel building owners.

Let’s get building! 🙂

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Benefits of Building with Steel vs. Wood

Steel is one of the most resilient building materials on earth, capable of just about anything!

Dependable and built to last, steel frame buildings offer long-life performance, stand up to extreme weather, and are a smart investment for any personal or commercial building project.

Steel Building Benefits

Long-Lasting Structural Performance

  • Won’t rot, mould, warp, split, crack, or creep.
  • Not vulnerable to termites/insect damage.
  • Will not expand or contract with moisture content.
  • Steel is produced in strict accordance with national standards (no regional variations).

Durable, Resilient Material

  • Steel is not combustible. In some areas, local fire and building codes require the use of steel vs. wood.
  • Sturdier than wood, steel is also better able to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or tornados.
  • Steel is engineered to provide a reliable, consistent load path.
  • Manufactured under quality control & quality assurance procedures to ensure all project requirements are met.

Environmentally-Friendly, Sustainable

  • Results in less scrap and job site waste than lumber.
  • Steel is continually recycled (these steels will still be in use hundreds of years from now, lessening the environmental impact on future generations).
  • Steel, when recycled, loses none of its strength and can be recycled into products such as cars, bridges, and cans.
  • Can be used to comply with sustainable design standards requirements: International Green Construction Code (IgCC), ASHRAE Standard 189.1 (Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings), and the National Green Building Standard (ICC-700).
  • Can also provide credit points for green building rating systems like the USGBC’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the Green Building Initiative’s ANSI/ GBI-01 (Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings).

Reduces Costs, Increases Efficiency

  • Steel framing improves design efficiency, saves time, and reduces costs.
  • Provides a significantly greater strength-to-weight ratio than wood.
  • Allows for larger bays and wider frame spacing than wood construction.
  • Increased flexibility in bay spacing, framing layout maximizes usable floor space.
  • Fabricated off-site, steel reduces on-site labor, cycle time, and construction waste.
  • Shorter construction time results in earlier occupancies and lower financing costs.

Download the full PDF from Metal Builders Manufacturers Assoc.

Ready to see what steel can do for you? Speak with a Kodiak Steel Building Expert and start designing your new building! Call (844) 982 – 8453 today.

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What to Expect when Buying a New Steel Building

Whether buying your first prefab building or a seasoned building pro, here’s a quick overview of what to expect (and what to include in your project planning) when deciding on a new steel building.

Get a Free Quote

Don’t fall for fake clearance sales, or other offers that don’t provide you with an exact price. Get your numbers up front. We offer a free, no-obligation quote (with options, shipping, and delivery included) so there are no hidden costs.

By requesting a quote, you are not obligated to buy, and we don’t believe in pushy sales tactics. Our goal is to get you the building you’re looking for, at the best price. 

Project Planning

Kodiak Steel Building Experts have decades of experience and are available to assist you throughout each phase of your project. Our planning expertise can help you save unnecessary construction time and building costs.

Have a delivery deadline in mind? Buying a prefabricated steel building is cheaper and faster than traditional construction, however you will still need to plan for the time it takes to have your building designed, manufactured, and shipped.

Check out our steel building timeline to make planning your new building project even easier.

Pro Planning Tip: Take into account your total lead time for building completion. This will allow you to set the deadline to order your building by so you can avoid any delays.

For example, if you order your building late in the season, and live in an area with winter conditions, you will have to wait until Spring to prepare the foundation and erect your new building.

Pre-Engineered Drawings

Once the building specifications have been agreed upon and finalized, we’ll create pre-engineered drawings of your building for you. This offers a clear visual of what your new building (layout) will look like, as well as all dimensions, sizing, etc.

Bonus: With these drawings, you can obtain any building permits needed faster and easier. It also helps to reduce building time by serving as your project roadmap. 

 Steel Prefabrication

From the drawings, we move into having your steel building components built to specification using industry-leading fabrication technology.

As an authorized Robertson Building Systems dealer, we have access to manufacturing warehouses across North America. This allows us to have your building ready for delivery within a matter of weeks.

Shipping & Delivery

After your building components are completed, we’ll ship your building direct to you …anywhere in Canada or the USA. We use reputable shipping companies, and all shipments are insured.

Don’t worry about any paperwork, customs, duties, or taxes, we handle it all.  You just have to be on site to receive your new building.

Pouring the Foundation

A solid foundation is essential to long-term building performance. If you are able, you can do this yourself, or we can have the Kodiak team come out and pour the foundation for you.

The time it takes to complete the building foundation phase will depend on the size of your building, the season, and which concrete pouring service you use.

Assembling the Steel Frame

Every one of our steel frames are designed individually and manufactured specifically to meet the requirements of your building.
Depending on your budget and building size, you can choose from Robertson’s patented Clear Span, Multi-span, Lean-to or Long Bay steel trusses.

No matter which steel frame you choose, all components are precision-crafted to fit together perfectly, making it faster and easier to assemble your new building.

With over 150 years experience in the steel fabrication industry, Robertson’s patented steel-frame building system provides you with precision-crafted components that guarantee ease-of-assembly and long-life performance.

 Erecting your New Building

Once the steel frame is up,  you can install your customized single-skin or insulated metal panels and your building is ready to go!

You can assemble the frame and panels yourself, or request Kodiak’s building erector services and our team will come out to your site and put your building up quickly and efficiently.

Pro Tip: Don’t wait...when building, leave yourself extra time for any unforeseen delays.

Customize today and you can have your new building up in weeks! Speak with a Kodiak Steel Building Expert today to get started.

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